In this tutorial, you learn to run your first program. The “Hello World!” program, it’s a classic for all programming languages as it is the easiest and illustrates the basic syntax of programming languages.

Today we will be using the following tools:

The function we will are using is the functionprint(), it is a built-in functions included in Python by default. These built-in functions are always available for us to use in programs that we create.

Inside the parentheses of the functionprint() is a sequence of characters — Hello World — that is enclosed in quotation marks. In python, you can use the single or double quotations. Any characters that are inside of quotation marks are called a string. We will dive deeper into strings in a future blog.

The first step is to open IDLE on windows you will see it on your desktop and on the mac you can do the following.

Once you have opened your IDLE simply type the following:
print("Hello World")