1. Python Is Easy To Learn 

Python has a unique style which makes it such an easy language to start to learn. Most universities and schools teach Python programming because of thee very reason.

2. It’s Open Source

Made only possible by a group of awesome volunteers, these guys help maintain python and keep doing awesome work.

OSI standard logo


3 .Free Resources

There are plenty of Free material all over the the internet, you just need to start googling, because I am such a  nice person I have included some links here >> Ebook, Youtube, Interactive, Random.
Oparah Free

4. Great Community

Behind this awesome programming language you also have awesome people. The Python community are amazingly helpful and easily guide you whenever you are in need. You can find some bellow.


PyCon APAC 2013 - Python Conference

5. Great Pay

Yes average salary is starts at around $65K(AUD)+

6. Big Companies Use It.

Google, Youtube, Dropbox, Quora and Reddit are all powered by Python and its features.

7. Awesome Python Frameworks

There are currently over 82K libraries/modules that you can add to your python program.


8. Constantly Improving. 

Currently there are two major versions of python. 2.7 and 3.0, of theses they have sub versions which are improvements on the previous. Python is constantly improving itself which the users more features and so we can do more crazy awesome coding.


9. Ideal for startups

Easily prototype your next startup using python, you can quickly setup and show your MVP in no time.

Movie Social Network, a meme about startups

10. Its portable

Python can be incorporated into and used in a majority of devices, including Raspberry Pi’s and Arduino’s

Ardunio Uno Board