Startup Community’s Corporate Responsibility

Ginormous corporate entities scramble to close deals at the end of the last financial year FY 15. Order value and order gross margin are two words that are embedded in every sentence through any conversation across board rooms and conference halls. Many of these corporations are advocates for digital transformation and agile methodologies. The last month of the financial year in these big corporations is when one can see inefficiencies running rampantly across business units. Yes they are present horizontally across verticals.

Start ups are born agile. They are thoroughly an outcome driven engine that is ruthless at breaking barriers. An engine that is driven purely by passion and fuelled by dreams of collective individuals wanting to making their mark on this world. The power that is presented by this collection of motivated individuals has disrupted traditional business models beyond recognition.

Companies and economies are driven by GDP ( gross domestic product ), the last metric I would use to measure mankind’s growth and this as we are squandering away the last drop of water , cutting down the last tree and consuming the last of our breathable air to keep shareholders happy and stock markets afloat. Man knows his problem but likes to settle for less and selfishly take away what rightfully belongs to his children.

As an entrepreneur , founder it is our responsibility to bring the startup mentality to corporations to innovatively resolve some of mankind’s oldest problems – growing sustainably. Political and economic short sightedness prominently displayed by companies are no barrier too big for us entrepreneurs to take down. Next time you deal with a corporate giant,  invite and show them how business is done. Deal with responsible corporations. Take them on your journey , some of the best minds in the business are often open to change. You shouldn’t have to care about their fate , but wait you might want to about the fate of the future generations.