A big thank you to everyone who attended the Pitch Night and showed tremendous love and support to our participants.

Congratulations to our winners,

  • Jesse Emia from Keepspace.  An E-commerce Order Fulfilment Automation, API Integration to enable inventory to Omni synchronisation across multiple platform systems. Thanks for having all of us on the edge of our seats during your pitch. Investors watch this space – http://www.keepspace.com.au/ !
  • Amy Le from iPark spoke to the heart of everyone’s parking woes. We wish you well, hopefully, you can set us all up with discount coupons when iPark goes live 😉
  • Melody Dexter from Omika pitch was music to many of us. Omika is addressing the problems of a very niche market. People if you haven’t got a gift for mother’s day, you might be able to make up for it with a gift from Omika – https://www.omika.com.au/
Pitch Night Winners with Judges

Pitch Night Winners with Judges

Kudos to all our participants for finding the courage and giving up so much to follow your heart. We are truly honoured to have met you and we wish each and everyone one of you all the best. It is great to see innovative solutions to address problems in fashion, sustainability, and making healthy life choices.

A huge shout out for our sponsors ECULink, Watermark, ECU, Fortuna advisory, Binary Crate and for our judges who took time out of their busy lives to spend time with us and for sharing their wisdom.

Lastly happy mother’s day to all the women in our lives. Lots of love and support to all the ladies who are killing it out there <3  

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