Kids Learning To Code By Coding

We're changing the way kids learn programming and crafting the next tech billionaires.


Introduce specialised coding workshops aligned with Western Australian school curriculum. It can be Scratch, Python, HTML/CSS or C/C++


Practical projects mean you will be able to build real applications to show your mates and parents.


Engaging a new learning experience for children and adults, creating a space to collaborate, learn and experiment.

Why Kids Should Learn How To Code


Working in groups will foster a culture collaboration and idea sharing.

Future Ready

75% of all jobs in the future will require some coding & STEM knowledge.

Problem Solving

Coding techniques help children develop critical thinking.

Change The World

Children can use their new skills to build applications to impact billions.


Activate your libraries with new
coding and robotics classes


Specialised courses teachings how
to code websites and applications

Let's Start This Party

What are you waiting for, lets kickstart the future.

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